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Frequently asked questions !



Q. Are Q-Ring’s 11 speed compatible?

A. Yes, Q-Rings are designed to work with all 11 speed groupsets Including Shimano-Sram and Campagnolo


Q. Are Q-Rings difficult to install?

A. No, Anyone who has experience of installing chainrings can set up Q-Rings


Q. Can I fit a 30m crank into a threaded frame?

A. Yes you will need our BSA 30 this bottom bracket is also available in ITA thread.


Q. can I fit a 3d+ 30m crank into a Trek bb90?

A. No, Unfortunately the Trek BB90 system does not allow fitting of a 30mm UBB axle; instead please see our 24mm axle 3D24 crank


Q. Are Q-rings available for Dura-ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800 cranks?

A. Yes we have a range of NOQ and Q-Ring rings for these cranks


Q. Will my front derailleur still work as well with Q-Rings?

A. Yes, In fact many riders find that Q-Rings offer increased shifting performance over standard OE circular rings!

Q. How long does it take to get used to riding Q-Rings?

A. The adaptation period can vary from rider to rider, 300 miles is the longest distance any rider should take to get used to the rings, but for some they can feel natural on the first ever ride.


Q. Will a Q-Ring hurt my knees?

A. No, in fact our studies show Q-Rings will relieve most joint pain and muscle injuries that riders can experience on traditional circular rings.


Q. I’m a recreational rider and I do not race, Will I still benefit from Q-Rings?

A. Absolutely, throughout every study conducted on Q-Rings it has been established that Q-Rings offer a fantastic performance enhancement. In fact during our tests we found that recreational riders experienced a higher percentage of performance increase in comparison to elite level racers.


Q. How do I remove my 3d+ chainset?

A. Removal of all Rotor chainsets is fast and easy here is a link to a video to help guide you.


Q. What OCP position should I start in?

A. When fitting a Q-Ring to your cranks we recommend initial setup on OCP#3 as this is the most commonly used position for road cycling, for time trials and triathlon’s we recommend ocp#4,


Q. What crank length should I choose?

A. We recommend you stick with whatever length crank you are currently using, if you feel that your current length crank isn’t right for you then we recommend you see a professional bike fitter.


Q. Will I need a longer chain?

A. No, if you are replacing your current round chainring with a Q-ring of equate tooth count, a longer chain is not needed. If you are increasing in gear size a longer chain will be required.


Q. Can I use my current front derailleur?

A. Yes, Q rings will work with front derailleurs from any manufacturer, a slight position adjustment may be required though.


Q. I have electric gears; will a Q-Ring work on my bike?

A. Yes, in fact we find shifting works extremely well on electronic front derailleurs as the shift is kept entirely consistent.


Q. What chain do you recommend?

A. We always recommend the use of a quality chain from any 3rd party chain manufacturer, rather than the use of “OEM” chains (shimano, sram, campagnolo) Very good chains can be bought from manufacturers such as YBN, KMC or Connex- We have tested these chains and found that shifting is much improved over a standard groupset chain.


Q. I have a Rotor Power meter, Should I still be using my additional Speed/cadence sensor?

A. No, The Rotor Power should not be used with an additional speed/cadence sensor as this can interfere with the readings to the head unit.


Q. What is the repair procedure for Rotor Power cranks?

A. We guarantee every product we sell. If you have a problem we will do our best to sort it out. Rotor Power Cranks carry a 2 year warranty . We will generally replace defective merchandise within the first 30 days and repair or replace at our discretion after then. You will be responsible for the return postage costs.

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